Favorite Disney Moments from #DisneySMMC Day 1

To say I am a fan of Walt Disney World is an understatement. I think more recently have I become an even greater fan would be truer words.  As adults,  we can appreciate the films coming to life in rides and attractions.  I  recently attended DisneySMMC and was blown away at how much Walt Disney World has to offer.  I felt even more excited to attend with my mother and 2 of my nieces. It is even more magical to see the excitement in their eyes.


It is not often that it is just a trip for all the ladies to go on.  We certainly bonded on this trip ranging in ages from a freshly turned 7-year-old to a fabulous grandmother who would not be thrilled if I exposed her age.  And for myself a 37-year-old who has visited Disney 3 times in the last year. More than I have in the first 3 decades of my life. Here are some snapshots of our first day while in Orlando. 20170207_144040

I have only briefly visited Animal Kingdon last year, so this year we wanted to enjoy every moment possible. What better way to start the day seeing Finding Nemo The musical.  For me, it was a wonderful treat to catch up with an old friend with whom I worked with in 2002.  Once a Barnie always a Barnie.  Thank you, David for sharing this special moment with my family. 20170207_15372520170207_16094120170207_16211320170207_17051620170207_193503

Thank you Go Go Squeeze for hosting a wonderful evening dinner of magic!20170207_20431520170207_204737

I hope you have enjoyed just a glimmer of my first day in attendance for DisneySMMC. You can follow along on  Instagram @NYCLaurenBeth  and @Savvy_Disney_Ladies

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  1. It looks like you had an awesome time! I’m hoping to go to Disney World with my family in the next year or two.

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