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Capture The Moment

Enjoy the day.

Take the photo, eat the fries and have some fun. Shop till you drop. That is what Saturdays are made for when making an early morning trip to the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.

Ask a stranger to take the photo.

Yes, I could have taken a selfie. But that is no fun when it comes to getting a great photo with my mom. This sweet lady said yes to taking a few pics of us and I am so happy that I asked.


3 thoughts on “Capture The Moment”

  1. That is a lovely photo of you both! Time spent with family is so precious.

  2. Carolyn D says:

    Beautiful photo!

  3. very nice photo! I have asked a stranger to take a photo of me and my mom or family as well, and most are very happy to help out.

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