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Ultimate Birthday Celebrations!

We are on about week 8 of staying safe at home. I will be honest, I don’t like the phrase “Stuck at home” we are not stuck. We are being proactive for the safety of our lives and for those around us. While being home and not working or for some who are working remotely for quite some time we are all missing out on some major celebrations. Ultimate Celebrations in Quarantine are definitely a little different than we are used to. Party City is here to help with some of your party needs while we celebrate virtually this year. Are you making the most of the ultimate virtual celebrations in quarantine?

Happy Birthday!

Ultimate Birthday Celebrations in Quarantine!

Parties in quarantine should not be happening except for celebrating with those in your immediate household. However, I loving seeing all the posts on social media with drive-by parties and having a gathering over Zoom. Social Distancing is still a factor and making sure we are not in close proximity to those we haven’t seen in a while. Every day is a reason to celebrate, so let’s have fun doing it. Above all, make sure you are celebrating at a distance or reschedule a party when it is safe to do so.

Time to think outside the party box!

Yes, I recently turned 41, and even though that might not be a big deal a birthday is a birthday no matter the number. I know others are missing out on Communions, Confirmations, Graduation, and upcoming Mother’s Day. What events are you missing out on while stay at home orders are happening?

A few ways to celebrate could be by using your local Party City and do a drive-by with a group of friends each in their own car or host a virtual party via zoom or even dropping of goody bags. This way you can ask parents or friends to share the party on social media or you can set up a Facebook page to invite everyone to keep the party going all week long by posting video messages.

Part City is offering a Virtual Party Discount with purchases of the Ultimate kits. Use code Virtual99 and see the savings come off of your total. The code is only valid until this weekend. So plan ahead and get your Ultimate Party Pack Today!

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How will you be celebrating in Quarantine?

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  1. I love the idea of having drive-by parties and virtual parties! My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up and my son has been trying to think of ways to celebrate while staying safe. My granddaughter loves to video chat, so a virtual party might be a good option for her. Thanks!

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