TOP 5 Items to Purchase from QVC

Let’s face it we are all at home, watching tv using our phones and computers to and not going to our regular stores to shop. I have always been a fan of QVC and even more so now. I like to think of my Best purchase from QVC as items I can use all the time. QVC allows you to shop from the comfort of your home at any hour of the day. Even better they allow you to split of your payments options. So here are my TOP 5 picks to make the best purchases from QVC.

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These are top essentials that can help anyone while staying home. Some of my favorite beauty products, nice new comfy sheets since maybe we will all be getting 8 hours of sleep. Slippers are my must have while walking around the house. When walking up in the morning coffee is needed and maybe for a midday pick me up too. While staying home it is important to get your steps in and stay active. Check below for my Top 5 picks that are must have for the best purchases from QVC this time of year.

1. Beauty Products

Keep up your beauty routine even while at home. When you are washing hands don’t forget to wash your face in the morning and evening.

QVC purity

2. Bedding

I know we are all spending more time in bed so why not do it with comfy sheets.

qvc sheets


While we might not be wearing our regular shoes, it is important be comfortable. So pick up a new pair of slippers.

qvc slippers

4. Coffee

When that mid afternoon slump kicks in pour yourself a cup of coffee.

qvc coffee variety pack

5. Fitness

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Are you getting your 10,000 steps in each day?

qvc fitbit